Lynelle Kendall is a writer, early childhood educator and mother.

She writes short form children’s fiction: poetry, picture books, short stories and junior fiction with a delightful mix of humour, enchantment and adventure. Her characters include a bumbling crew of pirates, a hyperactive mouse, a group of dinosaur circus performers, an ambitious robot, a fairy with attitude and children who discover magical creatures in their own backyard.

Lynelle believes a special kind of magic happens when stories are shared and that children’s books play a vital role in winning the next generation over to a love of reading. She’s seen this magic in her own life and the lives of children around her. She loves that:

          Treasured tales never get old (even on the hundredth read)

          Characters can become lifelong friends

          Words are doorways into new worlds and new ways of seeing and

          Imagination has no bounds. 

Lynelle Kendall lives on Waiben (Thursday Island) in Queensland, Australia. Other than reading and writing, she loves fairy bread, op shopping and camping with her family.