Fun Facts About Lynelle Kendall

Have you ever wanted to know what an author’s favourite foods are? Or what their teachers wrote in their report cards? Read on to discover fourteen fun facts about Lynelle Kendall.

Favourite chocolate: Kit Kat

Favourite lolly/candy/sweet: I don’t like lollies. (I know, can you believe it?)

Favourite dinner: Lasangne (same as Garfield)

Favourite dessert: Apple and rhubarb pie or my mum’s chocolate mousse. (Let’s face it, it’s too hard to choose just one.)

Favourite party food: Fairy bread

What teachers wrote about me in my report cards: Diligent (same word, every report card, over and over again.)

What I did when I was bored in school? I wrote poems in the back of my school books. (You shouldn’t do this. You should be paying attention to your teacher at all times.)

Hot or cold weather?  I choose being hot instead of cold at all times. Being cold makes me feel sad and want to cry. (This is absolutely true. You can ask my family and they will confirm it 100%)

Coffee or Tea? Tea, definitely, and lots of it. It helps me write.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs. I grew up with a pet German Shepherd. My sisters and I dressed him in a skirt. He was the best dog ever.

Favourite Books Growing Up: How to Eat Fried Worms, the Clifford series, Grug, The Narnia Series, The Iceberg Hermit, The Mandie Series, The Northwood Series, anything about horses. (I never had a horse, but I always wished I did.)

Favourite Books to read now: Picture books that I borrow from the library and pretend they are for the children in my life but actually, they are just for me. I love reading Australian middle grade and junior fiction. The best thing, though, is going through the op shop shelves and rediscovering books from my childhood and taking them home again.

Favourite authors: Alison Lester, Pamela Allen, Mem Fox, Margaret Wild, Belinda Murrell, Kathryn Apel, Rachel Barnett, Jacqueline Harvey, Paul Seden, Tim Harris, Zanni Louise, Dr Suess, Roahl Dahl, JRR Tolkein, Tedd Arnold, Mac Barnett, Corey Tabor, Rod Clement, Caroline Keene, A. A. Milne, J.M. Barrie, Jackie Hosking, E.B. White, Antione de Saint-Exupery, Julia Donaldson, Lynley Dodd, Cornelia Funke, Holly Black, Catherynne M Valente.

Favourite illustrators: Freya Blackwood, Bronwyn Brancroft, Anna Spudvilas, Anna Pignataro, Shaun Tan, Julie Vivas, Jane Godwin, Bruce Whatley, Philip Bunting and Matt Cosgrove.

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