Best Christmas Nativity Books for Children

Here is a line up of my favorite Christmas themed books for children aged one to five. These beautiful, timeless keepsakes will make the perfect gift for the children in your life. They may even become a part of your annual Christmas traditions and help you as a family celebrate the love, joy and hope of the very first Christmas.

For one-year-olds: The Christmas Star by Dawn Machell

This gorgeous book has bright colorful illustrations and a star that lights up when you press it.

For two-year-olds: The Very Noisy Christmas by Tim Thornborough Illustrated by Jennifer Davison

A fantastic book to read aloud as there are quiet pages and very NOISY pages.

For three-year-olds: Wombat Divine by Mem Fox Illustrated by Kerry Argent

Wombat wants to be a part of the nativity play, but he’s too clumsy and too heavy. This adorable book sets the perfect scene for an Aussie Christmas play in the outback.

For four-year-olds: Make and Play The Nativity Story by Make Believe Ideas

I love this book because it allows kids to get hands on and crafty (without any mess) as they pop out the nativity characters and build the stable where Jesus was born. Best of all, you can use it year after year.

For five-year-olds: The Itsy Bitsy Christmas by Max Lucado Illustrated by Bruno Merz

This story invite you and your child to imagine the first Christmas from the point of view of two mice. The illustrations are magical and completely draw you into the story.

I hope the children in your life love these books as much as I do.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming book ‘Stories of Imagination’ to add to your Christmas book buying list next year.